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Maintaining your weight-loss goals through Christmas

Maintaining your weight-loss goals through Christmas



The Christmas season is full of social events, shopping, lights, laughter and dodgy jumpers. However, when you are working towards a weight loss goal, it is also a season full of temptations and challenges. Changes in routine, late nights, alcohol and social pressure can seem to be conspiring against you. But with the right information and a little bit of preparation you can stay on track for your weight goals, have fun and feel great this party season.

Plan ahead

Amongst all the extra seasonal activities it can be easy to put nutrition on the back burner. But, with a bit of forethought you can enjoy it all and take care of yourself too.

  • Eat well as much as you can, filling your body with all the nutrients it needs to get through the season
  • Carry protein rich snacks to keep you full and away from the ubiquitous bowls of crisps
  • Stay hydrated

Stay positive

The way we talk to ourselves has a huge impact on our decisions and behaviour, the evidence really does show there is power in positive-thinking. For example, if we head out thinking ‘I don’t want to drink/eat loads, but it won’t be fun otherwise/everyone expects me to/I won’t be able to resist’ then we’ve set ourselves up to fail.

But if you keep your goal in mind and reframe this thought to a positive outcome: ‘I’m going to drink/eat what I want to meet my goals rather than what I feel pressured into, I’ll have fun and feel great tomorrow’, you are creating a successful mindset.

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Physiologically we have no need for alcohol and generally it is best avoided or enjoyed in moderation - but you don’t need Limbo to tell you that! Alcohol has several negative impacts in terms of weight loss: the energy in the drink itself, release of the hunger hormone that makes you ravenous, sleep disruption, and the increased craving for high carbohydrate foods the next day.

However, alcohol has been part of life since it first appeared c.7000 BC, so, if you will be partaking, here are some points to remember:

  • Stay hydrated. Many bars and restaurants now have water jugs or are happy to provide tap water to the table, make the most of it and you’ll thank yourself in the morning.
  • There are a growing selection of alcohol-free spirits and beers which often have fewer carbohydrates than their alcoholic companions and will help prevent dehydration, but check the labels as the energy content can vary widely.
  • Minimise the energy content of your drinks:
    • Beer is well-known for its carbohydrate content, but not all beers are the same. Stouts, porters and Guinness are at the top end of the spectrum, with pale ales having perhaps half the amount of energy.
    • Spirits such as gin, vodka, tequila, whisky and un-spiced rum are the lowest in terms of energy content
    • If you drink spirits, alcohol-free or otherwise, be wary of mixers
    • Red and white wine are about the same, but go for dry wines. A dry prosecco or, if you’re lucky, champagne will have the least amount of energy

Be kind to yourself

If you end up eating or drinking more than you had intended don’t beat yourself up or think that you’ve blown it. Successful, sustained weight loss is about life-long habits and positive thinking. Focus on your goals, remind yourself why they’re important to you and get back on track. Every day is a new you and a new opportunity.