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Mary's journey

Mary R    \    Galway, Ireland
Limbo member since July 2022

CEO at Galway City Innovation District, Mary had struggled with her weight for years as she couldn't find a diet that worked for her. In Summer of 2022 she became a Limbo member, and hasn't looked back. You can follow Mary on Twitter.

Mary R - twitter photo Jan 2023

July, 2022   Lobbying to join Limbo

First step, get access to the programme! July 22 start date. Then known as "VIV" before it rebranded as Limbo.

Note: VIV / VIVpowered was name of Limbo, prior to rebrand in September 2022.

August, 2022   3 weeks in

Progress with energy and weight loss is already visible – 8kg so far.




September, 2022   8 weeks in

11kg lost (over 10% of body weight).


October, 2022   11 weeks in

15.4kg down from initial weight.


November, 2022   17 weeks in

3 stone down, further weight loss to come!



December, 2022   21 weeks in

50lbs lost! And no fear of a Christmas rebound...



January, 2023   25 weeks in

RSVP Magazine celebrates Mary's weight loss success.


Mary in RSVP Magazine - cover card

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