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Weight loss without the guesswork.

Limbo is the world's first weight-loss system directly driven by data from your body. It's no longer "one size fits all" but "one size fits one". Your biology, your way to success.

It shows you your body’s energy system, then coaches you to take control of it.


Limbo uses wearables to show you, in real time, how your choices affect your body. It then actively coaches you to master your blood glucose – burning fat and resetting your habits for good.

Learn about the science of blood glucose.

The average Limbo member who started three months ago has now lost 9.8kg (that's 8.96%) of body weight.

Data updated: March 2, 2023

Everything at Limbo is about data, transparency and accountability. It's not just our members we hold accountable – it's ourselves, as well. While the norm in the weight loss industry is to hide stats, and cherry pick successes, we're publishing our data from across our entire member base. No small print or asterisks.

How is it calculated?

The number is an average across all Limbo members who are currently three months in to their programme. Starting weights for the cohort are totalled and averaged on day 1, then that same cohort is re-totalled after three months, to compare. We'll update the stats and publish them every month or so. We use it internally at Limbo as a key metric for our singular mission: are our members succeeding?

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Limbo puts members in charge of their own bodies and destiny. It doesn't just lower their weight – it changes their outlook on life.

Our members typically lose 10-25% of their body weight during a programme that runs between 3 and 12 months in length. 

But while weight loss is a key goal, what Limbo members really celebrate is having the energy to play with their kids and grandkids, or go hiking. They enjoy fitting into their old wardrobes, and no longer feeling sheepish at family photos.

The greatest benefit is a new outlook on life. Read some of our amazing member success stories.



Lost more than 20% of her bodyweight.

PAT B_A2-1


Lost over 36kg over a year.

JR B_A-1


Lost over 16kg and feels younger.

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Raymond – lost 22kg with Limbo.

"I'm down 22kg, largely over five months. I was never hungry, I was able to eat a lot. And I didn't have to go and spend every morning or evening beating myself to death in the gym.

Limbo is an app that you fall in love with. When you open your phone, the thing that you look at is your Limbo app, because that's what it's telling you is going on in your body.

You learn, you make mistakes, you see the results minutes later, and you instinctively avoid that behaviour in the future."

Raymond O'LearyAbu Dhabi

Round-the-clock accountability

Smart devices connected to the cloud stop you from cheating. You'll know the consequences of eating a certain food and don't need to wait for a weekly weigh in.

Totally simple to use and follow

Limbo learns how your daily habits impact your body and gives you a live view of your energy. Then you get nudged into making better decisions to reset your habits for good.

Find out what works for you

Because Limbo is driven by your unique biodata, your path to weight loss is your own. Decide how to lose weight and let Limbo guide you into choices that actually work.


Weight loss doesn’t have to be about trial and error when it’s driven by your body’s data.

Imagine you could have a coach on your arm 24/7 with a complete view of your body’s energy system. Your coach then uses this data to map a precise course for you to burn fat and lose weight. That’s Limbo.

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