No calorie counting, no complicated rules. The most effective weight loss service yet.

Revolutionary technology adapts your body to burn excess fat easily.  In three months, you can rewire your relationship with food and transform your body for good.

Real people. Easy changes.
Astounding success.

Reduce your bodyweight by 12 percent in 3 months

That's what the average Limbo member achieves in the first three months of the programme. After three months, you'll have the option to renew for as long as you like.

An individualised service for your body

Limbo works for one person - you. It’s the opposite of traditional weight-loss advice that forces people to adopt generic behaviours designed for an ideal human that doesn’t exist. Long-term weight-loss requires behaviour changes that you can make quickly and easily. That’s where nudges based on biodata come in.

1. Wearables record detailed data on the way you eat/drink, exercise, and sleep

Using a unique combination of devices, Limbo builds a continuous, high-resolution profile of how your body works. Just wear your devices and snap photos of your meals. You won't need to log individual nutrients or portion sizes - the technology looks after this for you.

2. Analysis drives nudges that change your behaviour

Limbo learns how your body reacts to different food, drink and life situations such as stress, sleep and exercise. Then we coach you into staying “in Limbo” and helps you to adapt your bodily processes to burn stored fat.

3. Nudges lead to new habits. Habits lead to transformation

As you learn what works for your body and what to avoid, your relationship with food and exercise changes forever.

An evidence-backed way to improve your health dramatically

Obesity has become humanity’s biggest health problem. Turning to crash dieting, health fads and gym memberships hasn’t worked. Limbo has a new approach that can turn the tide.

Using advanced technology, we empower our members to recalibrate their bodies, take back control, and escape the obesity trap.

Transform your habits.
Transform your health.

Join the Limbo revolution today. 3 month programme: £1500.

Includes premium service for three months with Limbo app, CGM sensors, smart scales, smart band and access to Limbo's private member community.