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Limbo uses wearables, an app and coaching to steer you precisely to your goal weight.

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The wearables measure your body, continuously, and show you the real-time impact of food choices.

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After you set up the hardware, the Limbo app shows you what’s happening inside your body.

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The app challenges you to stay in the blue “Limbo zone” – it turns weight loss into a simple-to-play game.

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When you eat or drink something, you log it on your Limbo timeline.

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Limbo reviews your timeline multiple times per day, and gives you feedback.

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Limbo is like having a 24-7 nutritionist who coaches you into optimal choices.

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Unlike other programmes, there's no hiding – total accountability.

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Limbo trains you to stay continuously in the zone. This reorients your body to tap stored fat, instead of hungering for external food.

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The continuous data and nudges “rewire” how you think about food and energy in your body. Limbo puts you back in control.

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Limbo members also get access to Limbo Life, a private space to connect with other going through the same life-changing journey.

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Together, the hardware, Limbo app, and coaching make possible an incredibly effective weight loss process that's never been possible until now. Learn about the Limbo loop.