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Daithi's journey

Daithi O    \   Kilmacthomas, IE
Limbo member since October 2022

Dad of two, Daithi is a whiskey maker who works erratic hours with clients all over the world.


Daithi after


Before Limbo - 95.1kg

Dad weight gain

“After the last three years with Covid lockdowns and the arrival of two kids, the dad bod has come on.”

Daithi before

Daithi before his Limbo journey

Need for change

No exercise and eating the same diet for years

Daithi has gone from exercising four days a week and eating what he wants, to just doing the eating. He knows he needs something to change.

Exercise Equipment

Oct 2022 - starts Limbo

Loses 4kg in a week

Habit changes have kicked in including not eating a pack of Jaffa cakes whilst watching TV with the kids.

Habits start to change - 6.6kg lost

Acting on the data that he sees

Daithi is changing some of his habits because of what he is seeing in the App. He has stopped having a beer in the evening, is eating his last meal earlier and is upping his protein intake.


Crazy work schedule

International travel and non-stop entertaining

The past month has been tough with trips to the US, entertaining from 6am to midnight every day and limited access to the food his body needs. Daithi put on 0.8kg but lost it (and more) after a few days at home.

Air Travel

Time for a rethink

Back to focusing on himself

Daithi is back where he wants to be and is confident his next few business trips will be easier to negotiate. 

Dec 2022 - stress plays a part

Stress at work causes an unexpected spike

Daithi sees his blood sugar level spike one day when he hasn’t eaten anything but has had a lot to deal with at work.


Jan 2023 - 7.9kg lost and feeling positive about the future

Daithi feels his habits have changed permanently

Daithi has information now about how his body reacts to foods. He is confident he will hit his target weight.

Daithi after

Daithi is confident he'll continue to lose weight and keep it off

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