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Gemma's journey

As a mum balancing a business with kids, Gemma gave everyone attention apart from herself. She overthought every diet she tried and nothing worked.

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Before Limbo - 90kg

No time for herself

Gemma is stuck in a cycle of exhaustion and is reliant on caffeine, sugar and carbs to get her through the day

Gemma before pic-1

Gemma before her Limbo journey

Seeking help

Diets didn't work

As she got ready to go back to work, Gemma decides she needs to improve her health. The diets that followed though just didn’t work and after a month, she quit.

Finds Limbo

A different path

Intrigued by Pat Phelan’s results, Gemma signs up and is immediately surprised by her blood glucose results.

Getting insights

Learning fast

Gemma quickly finds out that so many of the foods she thought were good options actually spike her blood glucose levels. The nudges are helping her make little changes to keep in Limbo.


19kg down in 3 months

Little changes, big impact

Gemma has lost 19kg in her time on Limbo but has also got more energy and is less stressed. Building in walks and recognising the impact some foods have on her weight and wellbeing has had a huge impact.

Meal planning simplified

Saving time and making better choices

Simple but nourishing meals are making life easier for Gemma as she balances work and home life. She knows what works for her body and has now changed what she eats and drinks; and when. Little changes have become new habits.

Work goals

Wins a place on an MBA programme

“I got onto an MBA program and was able to walk in with confidence, feeling like myself and with energy and concentration I haven’t had in a decade.”


23kg down in four months

Enjoying everything

Gemma has lost 25kg in her time on Limbo, but she has also gained an insight into her body, how to manage stress and a whole lot of confidence.


If you would also like to take back control of your weight, join Limbo today.