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Helen's revolution

Revolution - Helen

61 year old Helen says has always had a sweet tooth. She has tried a massive array of diets but nothing worked and she became pre-diabetic in 2020.

After joining Limbo Helen lost 15kg – a full 25% of her body weight – and reversed her pre-diabetes. She's even improved her golf game. Watch her below, or scroll down to Helen's weight loss timeline.




Helen's weight loss timeline

Before Limbo – 62.5kg

Life revolves around getting a sugar hit for 61 year old Helen. It started in her childhood but had got to the point at which she didn’t feel she satisfied from a meal unless she finished off with something sweet.


Helen before her Limbo journey started


Tiredness prompts a trip to the GP and Helen is told that she is pre-diabetic. Despite this, she waits a year. A second blood test confirms the diagnosis but life is busy and she doesn't get round to doing anything about it. 

The picture that prompted a change

It is not until Helen sees a picture of herself playing golf that she realises how she now looks and isn’t happy.

She says: “I got a bit of a shock when I saw my size. I knew that I did not want to be a diabetic because it's a very nasty disease.”

A diet shifts 8 pounds

Helen tries a conventional diet. She loses about eight pounds but it doesn’t feel sustainable or good. 


Some bad news

Her brother in law has just passed away from a heart attack - he was a type 2 diabetic. It's another shock and warning.


Jan 2022 – Limbo begins

“I knew this was my chance and if I didn't take it, I was being stupid.”

Did you eat something-1
Helen starts using Limbo to guide her to reversing her diagnosis by stabilising her blood sugar levels.

4.7kg lost in 4 weeks

Helen has lost more than 10 pounds in a month and feels more energetic. She is quickly learning how her body reacts to foods and even noticing differences between different brands. 

App how it works@2x

By giving her constant feedback based on her body's live data and guiding her decision-making, Limbo is helping Helen use stored body fat instead of keeping it.

9.8kg lost in 12 weeks

“I bought clothes at the end of March because the clothes that I had just didn't fit. They were too big. I used to wear two sizes. I was much heavier on the end than on the top. I'm totally one size now.”

Playing better golf than ever





“I'm coming in off the golf course and if you told me I had to go out twice again, I'd have no problem.”

15.9kg lost and weight maintained

“I feel very privileged and fortunate to have found Limbo. If I'd gone on for another year doing what I was, God knows what would have happened.”

Helen at xmas

Helen feels more energetic and her habits have changed for good

A year after Limbo, Helen hasn't bounced back and she's enjoying her new wardrobe. 
Helen sometimes posts about how she eats now on Instagram - follow her for inspiration. 

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Is it your turn?

If, like Helen, you want to find the best way to lose weight and reignite a passion, maybe it's time to start your Limbo programme.


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