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Krisha's journey


Krisha realised she needed to put herself first. Her eating habits, especially in the office, were driven by stress. Everything she had tried before was impossible to sustain.

Limbo not only saw her lose 6.9kg but has changed her relationship with food. And, she says, it hasn’t been hard.

Before Limbo, with two kids and a husband at home, all with differing diets, she struggled to take care of herself as well:


Limbo made a major impact, getting her weight back into the '60s' kilograms, for the first time in sixteen years, since she had the kids.


Krisha's timeline

Before Limbo – 78kg

Stuck in bad habits, stressed and tired

Krisha doesn’t put herself first. Dinner is often the kids’ leftovers and she combats stress both at home and at work by eating snacks.

Krisha before starting her Limbo journey

Joining Limbo starts to have an impact

Starts to feel accountable

Krisha starts Limbo and sees an immediate shift in habits, especially at home. She’s eating dinner earlier and sleeping better.

Stresses at work allow bad habits to take over

The temptation of free pastries and biscuits

Three weeks in and Krisha admits she finds navigating eating at work difficult . Stress sometimes drives her to the biscuit barrel but she immediately feels the impact and sees how that relates to what she sees in the Limbo app. She’s learning.


Changing habits

Managing food options and taking walks

Day 34 and Krisha has started taking her own food into the office and is looking after her mind by going for a walk at lunchtime. Outside of work, she’s finding it easy!

Taking her own food to work

Finding relief

Finally, something sustainable

Krisha admits she is surprised at how easy she is finding staying in Limbo. She makes sure she has treats ready that keep her in Limbo and feel special.

Reset and reflection time

Understanding her behaviour and motivations

Krisha has a long, honest look at how stress pushes her towards foods that aren’t good for her.

“I’ve had a horrible day. Someone’s said something that I didn’t agree with. I’m going to have a biscuit because I can control what I put in my body. What you don’t realise is that you’re just self harming.”

Small changes equal big wins

Little shifts in habits are yielding big impacts

Krisha is getting up earlier and feeling more energetic, which means she can fit in a low-intensity workout before she heads to the office.

Small changes equal big wins

Everything clicks into place

Rebellious tendencies are replaced with knowledge

64 days and counting. Krisha is using the knowledge of her body and how it reacts to foods to keep herself in Limbo. She also reflects on how she had to go through a rebellious phase before she let herself believe this could work.

Discovering additional benefits

Exploring the wardrobe

Krisha is getting out old favourites that she had packed away, and loving being able to wear them again.

Clothes are fitting better

Happy and in control

Everything is coming together

Krisha is not only seeing an impact on her weight but also her mental wellbeing. She is following Limbo now not because she is being told to, but because she wants to and because it makes her feel good.

Final weigh in

69.9kg after 100 days on Limbo

Krisha weighed herself three times because she couldn’t believe the reading.

Changes for life

How understanding your body is the key

After 100 days on Limbo, Krisha says that the weight loss is incredible but more important is how she has learnt to look after her body and respond to its cues.

Krisha after Limbo
Krisha now feels more energetic and is armed with the knowledge she needs to manage her weight long-term

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