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Limbo creates a positive feedback loop where you see, change, and improve your habits. Many small changes turn into big results.

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This feedback loop is how you escape the trap of guesswork, and start steering your body to weight loss, in a simple, precise, step-by-step process.

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You've tried so many things. Now see how the Limbo loop can work for you, and transform your health.

Limbo membership includes:

  • Access to Limbo app, with 24/7 coaching
  • Wearable continuous glucose monitors (CGM) for entire length of programme, with Bluetooth transmitter.
  • Limbo Band to monitor heart, movement and other vital statistics.
  • Limbo Scales to measure body composition.
  • Limbo patches to protect your CGM.
  • Access to private support network and exclusive learning content for members.

When you are accepted into the program, we provide a starter kit with all hardware.

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