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Control your line – and lose weight

It's like a game. Limbo’s coaching will ‘nudge’ you towards small habit changes that add up to a big change in your health. As you learn how to control your metabolism, you'll lose weight more easily than you ever imagined possible. 

You already have a metabolic line – you just haven’t seen it yet.

30 days of controlling your line could change your life. Limbo will teach you to balance your blood glucose and lead you to use stored fat for energy. Once you understand and take charge of your metabolism, you can easily lose the weight you’ve accidentally stored.

Limbo's approach to weight loss is unique, because it lets you see, understand and take charge of your metabolism

How it works


A wearable monitor reveals your metabolism in a visual timeline

You'll wear a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) – Limbo provides 2x sensors everyGraph1-hi-res-GIF crop


Limbo coaches you into new choices – to control the line

Graph2-hi-res-GIF crop


Weight loss becomes like a game – flatten the line to win – and small wins add up to big impact

Graph3-GIF crop

A constant, live data-stream from your body shows you your true metabolism

Your programme is individualised using your glucose levels, so you'll wear a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) throughout. The more data Limbo can read, the better coaching you'll receive. We recommend using an Apple Health compatible fitness tracker and smart scales along with the CGM.



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The Limbo line turns weight loss into a game you can win

Each meal or other choice you make affects your line. As you stop the line spiking and crashing through small changes, you start to burn body fat – and get back control of your metabolism.






Limbo coaching and 'nudges' steer you in the right direction, and give you full accountability

Feedback on every meal – and every spike in glucose – means no cheating, and full accountability.


Your coach helps you improve with feedback on your choices throughout the day

Good choices show up in your line, and are praised by the coach:


And when you go off course, Limbo will nudge you back on track:

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By playing this ‘game’ you are actively learning, with lots of small changes, how to control your metabolism

Every next choice is an opportunity to experiment and get better at controlling your line. Limbo’s coaching will ‘nudge’ you towards small habit changes that add up to a big change in your health

Limbo Loop animation


Like any skill, you get better through practise, not study. In Limbo, you learn as you actively improve your metabolism through the choices you make.

Week 1 spikes and crashes-2


Week 2


Week 3


What is Limbo not?

Most people have tried many different diets and weight loss programmes, so they bring assumptions on what is, or isn't, involved. Limbo is very different from other approaches, so let's clear up what is not involved:

A set diet

Guesswork, like counting calories, leaves you hungry and unsure what's working


Counting calories

Calories are an outdated concept from the 1920s. By using glucose sensors, Limbo can now measure and show you your true metabolism directly instead.


Mandatory exercise

Limbo is not about the gym – it's about your food and energy data. The gym is 100% optional.


A set-and-forget app

You've probably tried many apps or subscriptions, then forgotten all about them. Not Limbo. Because it is showing you, in real time, a window into your body, you'll be fascinated, and watching it round the clock.

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How long do I need in Limbo?

The Limbo starter pack has everything you need for one month. Thereafter you can cancel anytime, either staying on a monthly subscription, or buying a package of  3/6/12 months which works out cheaper per month.

Every person's Limbo journey is different and you can control your rate of weight loss throughout your programme. Here are examples of two members' timelines.

Target date persona Limbo Starter Kit
1 month

Limbo members tend to lose 3 to 5kg in the first month. That's enough for some people but most stay on longer. Your programme changes as your metabolism does. 

Weight loss graph - 4 weeks


Limbo member 6 month Limbo extended
6 months

If you've got a little more weight to lose, you can choose an extended programme, either month-to month or choose a 3, 6 or 12 month package for a discount.

Weight graph - 6 monhts



Time and cost

The price of Limbo is higher than other diet apps – why is that?

Most of the subscription price for Limbo goes towards the continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensors – they cost well over €/£100 for 2. But these are essential to success, because, as of today, the CGM is the only technology that can properly track your body's energy system continuously and in detail.

What's the cost of the whole programme?

You can get started with Limbo for just 295, including your first month. After that, it's month-to-month – use it as long as you need, cancel anytime. If you're seeing results in the first month, extend the program until you hit your goal.

Even if you only do Limbo for one month, you'll learn a lot about your body.

How long do I need to go on Limbo?

It's up to you! You start with a month – and learn a lot about your body – then after that, you decide how long you want to use it for. You're in charge.

What's the normal length of time people use Limbo for?

A very common length of time is 3 to 4 months. In that timespan, you'll typically lose over 10kg, and 'reboot' your diet and lifestyle to something sustainable.

Is it all-inclusive?

Yes. The CGM sensors, app and coaching are all included in the Limbo fee.

What's expected of me

What's expected of me – do I have to change my life a lot?

In general, you don't have to change a lot, but you'll want to. As Limbo shows you how food works in your body, you'll start making new, choices almost automatically, and your new awareness is not something you can 'unlearn'.

But you don't have to change things: there's no prescribed diet, packaged meals, exercise routines, 'forbidden' foods and so on. Limbo is different to all the traditional weight loss systems you've tried. Data, not guesswork and rules.

Do I have to count calories?

No. You will note your meals and other activities – a few words, or a photo will suffice. It's minimal effort and there's no tedious logging of calories or ingredients.

Do I have to go to the gym?

No. The gym is optional. If you want to, then great. But it's not a mandatory part of Limbo, and some members lose a lot of weight without any strenuous exercise whatsoever.

Food and diet

What changes will I need to make in my diet?

Limbo does not have a set diet. It shows you your body's energy system – blood glucose – and pushes you to foods that work well for your body. That said, it will – in general – push you more towards proteins, fats, fibre, and away from sugars and carbohydrates.

What foods does Limbo recommend?

Limbo is agnostic about specific foods but it biases towards proteins and fats, rather than carbohydrates, because these have a lower glycaemic index – they spike blood glucose less than sugary foods.

Day-to-day life

Can I swim/shower/do normal things wearing Limbo?

Yes you can! The devices are waterproof, include patches to cover them, and can fit into virtually any lifestyle.

How often do I need to change my Limbo sensors?

Each sensor has a maximum life of about 2 weeks, after which you peel it off, throw it away, and apply a new one. We send you 2 of them each subscription period.

Can I play extreme sports?

Some of our members play contact sports. What we advise is extra protection – stickers and patches – to avoid knocking off the glucose sensors. Many professional sportspeople wear CGMs – it's doable.

What's a CGM?

What is a CGM?

A continuous glucose monitor is a small patch, that sticks to your arm for 14 days at a time, then you peel it off and stick a new one on. It's painless to apply and to wear (you'll often forget you're wearing it)

Does it go under the skin?

Each CGM comes with an applicator that sticks it on. There's a tiny filament – about the width of a cat's whisker – that sits just under the skin. Once it's applied, you won't feel yourself wearing it.

Does it hurt to put it on?

No, it doesn't. Most people are surprised that they barely felt a thing when they put their first one on. They describe it like a slap of the arm with two fingertips.

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