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All-inclusive, one month programme

Order today and we'll ship you a kit. Your month begins only after you receive and activate your Limbo hardware.

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Limbo kicks off with an intensive, one-month programme to put you in charge of your metabolism. It includes:

Wearable hardware – multiple glucose sensors, to reveal your true metabolism in a visual timeline

The Limbo app, that makes controlling your metabolism – and weight loss – like a game

Individualised coaching, from both humans and AI, to fast-track your progress

Pricing after month 1

If you choose to continue the Full Access programme, including 2x sensors and individual coaching each month, here are the pricing options:



Full Access plan

No commitment/contract


3 months
Paid up front – €510 total

Save 12%

6 months
Paid up front – €900 total

Save 23%

12 months
Paid up front – €1560 total

Save 33%

What to expect from a month in Limbo

You'll be surprised how quickly you can change habits you thought you'd never break. And you'll notice several physical changes in 30 days.

Lose 3-5kg in a month – usually going down one clothing size

Reduce BMI by 1 to 2 points – significantly reducing your risk level for cardiac events and stroke

Understand your cravings and stop them – your body data and the coaching will show you how to break the cravings cycle for good

Feel more energetic – you’ll escape mid-morning and afternoon slumps once you’ve learned how to fuel your body with foods that taste good and give you sustainable energy

Improve the quality of your sleep –  stable blood glucose and reduced weight reduce conditions such as sleep apnoea and snoring

What's included

The programme includes everything you need, to jump-start you in understanding and taking charge of your metabolism:

Wearable sensors

Limbo kit box with phone

Wearable CGMs (continuous glucose monitors) for the month, to track and show you your true metabolism.

Limbo app

SQ - Limbo app

The Limbo app shows you how different foods impact your body, and makes controlling your metabolism, and losing weight, like a game.


1 positive, 1 negative nudge

Typically 5-10 pieces of individualized advice, each day, powered by humans and AI, to 'nudge' you into taking charge of your metabolism.


limbo lady - with Limbo Life post

A private social space to learn from Limbo and from other members going through a similar journey

Ready to take charge of your metabolism?

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What happens after you order

Once you purchase Limbo online, here are the next steps:

We'll ship a starter kit

Limbo box
It typically takes 7 to 10 days to arrive.

Unbox your kit, download the app

Limbo app
Limbo is iPhone-only for now.

Apply your sensor and connect to Limbo

AIdex app

Your programme begins when you activate your first sensor.

Start learning and changing

Limbo app

The next time you eat or drink something, you'll see the impact it has on your metabolism.

Limbo will coach you into losing weight

SQ - Smart scales-1

You'll get constant coaching so you can take control of your Limbo line.


We covered an "Introduction to Limbo" in a recent webinar, which includes all of the most common FAQs people have about Limbo. You can replay it here.

Limbo FAQs Webinar Introduction to Limbo -- May 23 2024 -- thumbnail


Time and cost

The price of Limbo is higher than other diet apps – why is that?

Most of the subscription price for Limbo goes towards the continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensors – they cost well over €/£100 for 2. But these are essential to success, because, as of today, the CGM is the only technology that can properly track your body's energy system continuously and in detail. Here is why Limbo costs what it does.

What's the cost of the whole programme?

You can get started with Limbo from just 295, including your first month. Continuing after that is optional – use it as long as you need. If you're seeing results in the first month, extend the program until you hit your goal.

Even if you only do Limbo for one month, you'll learn a lot about your body.

How long do I need to go on Limbo?

It's up to you! You start with a month – and learn a lot about your body – then after that, you decide how long you want to use it for. You're in charge.

What's the normal length of time people use Limbo for?

A very common length of time is 3 to 4 months. In that timespan, you'll typically lose over 10kg, and 'reboot' your diet and lifestyle to something sustainable.

Is it all-inclusive?

Yes. The CGM sensors, app and coaching are all included in the Limbo fee.

What's expected of me

What's expected of me – do I have to change my life a lot?

In general, you don't have to change a lot, but you'll want to. As Limbo shows you how food works in your body, you'll start making new, choices almost automatically, and your new awareness is not something you can 'unlearn'.

But you don't have to change things: there's no prescribed diet, packaged meals, exercise routines, 'forbidden' foods and so on. Limbo is different to all the traditional weight loss systems you've tried. Data, not guesswork and rules.

Do I have to count calories?

No. You will note your meals and other activities – a few words, or a photo will suffice. It's minimal effort and there's no tedious logging of calories or ingredients.

Do I have to go to the gym?

No. The gym is optional. If you want to, then great. But it's not a mandatory part of Limbo, and some members lose a lot of weight without any strenuous exercise whatsoever.

Food and diet

What changes will I need to make in my diet?

Limbo does not have a set diet. It shows you your body's energy system – blood glucose – and pushes you to foods that work well for your body. That said, it will – in general – push you more towards proteins, fats, fibre, and away from sugars and carbohydrates.

What foods does Limbo recommend?

Limbo is agnostic about specific foods but it biases towards proteins and fats, rather than carbohydrates, because these have a lower glycaemic index – they spike blood glucose less than sugary foods.

Day-to-day life

Can I swim/shower/do normal things wearing Limbo?

Yes you can! The devices are waterproof, include patches to cover them, and can fit into virtually any lifestyle.

How often do I need to change my Limbo sensors?

Each sensor has a maximum life of about 2 weeks, after which you peel it off, throw it away, and apply a new one. We send you 2 of them each subscription period.

Can I play extreme sports?

Some of our members play contact sports. What we advise is extra protection – stickers and patches – to avoid knocking off the glucose sensors. Many professional sportspeople wear CGMs – it's doable.

What's a CGM?

What is a CGM?

A continuous glucose monitor is a small patch, that sticks to your arm for 14 days at a time, then you peel it off and stick a new one on. It's painless to apply and to wear (you'll often forget you're wearing it)

Does it go under the skin?

Each CGM comes with an applicator that sticks it on. There's a tiny filament – about the width of a cat's whisker – that sits just under the skin. Once it's applied, you won't feel yourself wearing it.

Does it hurt to put it on?

No, it doesn't. Most people are surprised that they barely felt a thing when they put their first one on. They describe it like a slap of the arm with two fingertips.

Ready to take charge of your metabolism?

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