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Three-month, all-inclusive program
Comes with CGM hardware, app, and human + AI coaching
Individualised to your unique body
Continued subscription afterwards, if you'd like longer term support

In the US, and select other countries, Limbo is available as an early-access program. Apply for a place below:

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After you've finished your initial program, and seen it work for you, you have the option of a longer-term plan to reach your ultimate goal weight.

What's included

The programme includes everything you need, to jump-start a successful, sustainable weight loss process:


Limbo kit box with phone

Within a few days, you'll receive your starter kit in the post, with wearable CGMs for the month.


SQ - Limbo app

See your body data, track how foods affect your individual body – and understand how your metabolism works.

Coaching and 'nudges'

Limbo app - nudges tips messages - Analyst feedback screen - w border
Typically 5-10 pieces of individualized advice, each day, that 'nudge' you into new, healthier habits and optimise your weight loss.

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