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Limbo pricing

$995 / 3 months

Includes hardware, service, and a three month supply of sensors.

Note: our Early Access Programme (EAP) currently ships to the US and the Gulf States only.

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Everything you need for a successful, data-driven weight loss programme. 

Each month of Limbo membership includes two continuous blood glucose monitors, access to the app, access to the private support community and all guidance and instruction. 

The starter kit includes:

  • Smart scales - these measure your weight and body composition.
  • Limbo band - the band monitors your heart rate, oxygen saturation and movement.
  • Transmitter - this sends the data from the CGM to the Limbo app

All prices includes taxes and shipping. Regional differences in prices reflect differences in taxes and shipping.

How long do I need to use Limbo?

Each person is unique, and the speed of the results depends on two factors:

1)   Your unique body โ€“ how you react to foods, and how your body adapts to changes.
2)  How fast you want to go โ€“ some members prefer a slower, steady pace; others want a faster timeline.

To give some approximate guidance, here are outcomes that are typical in the Limbo programme:

3 months

7-14% weight loss

Three months typically allows high single digit, or double-digit weight loss, for most members.

Start at 100 kg; end at 86-93 kg

6 months

12-25% weight loss

In six months, a substantial body โ€˜resetโ€™ is possible, and new habits engrained for good.

Start at 100kg; end at 75-88 kg

12 months

20-30% weight loss

A year is recommended for people with significant weight loss journeys to complete.

Start at 100 kg; end at 70-80 kg

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