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Limbo includes everything you need to lose weight. 

It's not another subscription app. It's an individualised programme which you will only stay in until you're ready to leave. It's not a 'set and forget' membership, you're in total control and can cancel at any time.

To start: £295 for one month

Starter includes
- 2 continuous glucose monitors
- 4 weeks of programme
- transmitter 
- patches to cover monitor

Auto-renews monthly at £195 until you cancel or choose a cheaper, longer term commitment. Cancelling is easy and takes a few seconds.

To continue: £195 per month

Continuation includes

- Refill kit containing 2 continuous glucose monitors
- Access to Limbo programme through app
- Access to the private support community 

Auto-renews monthly. If you commit to more months it can cost you less. Cancelling is easy and takes a few seconds.

Optional devices

You only need these if you don't already use a fitness tracker and scale that connect to Apple Health.

- Limbo Band: £80

- Limbo Scales: £80

Cancel anytime, minimum term is 4 weeks (included with Starter Kit).

How long will my programme be?

Each person is unique, and the speed of the results depends on two factors:

1)   Your unique body – how you react to foods, and how your body adapts to changes.
2)  How fast you want to go – some members prefer a slower, steady pace; others want a faster timeline.

To give some approximate guidance, here are outcomes that are typical in the Limbo programme:

2 months

5-10% weight loss

2 months is the shortest time we recommend. It allows a new understanding of the body, plus meaningful weight loss.

Start at 100 kg; end at 90-95 kg

3 months

7-14% weight loss

Three months typically allows high single digit, or double-digit weight loss, for most members.

Start at 100 kg; end at 86-93 kg

6 months

12-25% weight loss

In six months, a substantial body ‘reset’ is possible, and new habits engrained for good.

Start at 100kg; end at 75-88 kg

12 months

20-30% weight loss

A year is recommended for people with significant weight loss journeys to complete.

Start at 100 kg; end at 70-80 kg

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